Czech quality and also success abroad. ALMET, a.s. has more than eighty years of tradition and offer their pistons for combustion engines and compressors, and they also develop in cooperation with their customers new pistons that help combustion engines to have up-todate parameters, whether the parameters are in the area of performance, consumption, emission or durability and reliability. ALMET is really flexible company and supplies both primary production (OEM) as well as the market with spare parts.

ALMET, a modern European company with tradition

Therefore ALMET, a.s. use modern technology to manufacture their pistons, as well as robotic casting machines, automated machining lines and CNC machines. With this machinery ALMET, a. s. achieves the required shapes and dimensions on their manufactured pistons.

Quality management meets the requirements of

almet logo with ISO stamp
 «ISO 9001:2008 certification»

Achievements of the pistons and their quality

ALMET, a.s. also boasts the production of engine pistons on racing vehicles for the KAMAZ MASTER team on the Dakar Rally 2013. The victory of the KAMAZ vehicles confirmed the quality of the pistons in difficult conditions.

Thanks to the superior quality of pistons, ALMET, a. s. has buyers in the Czech Republic such as, ZETOR TRACTORS a. s. Brno and TATRA TRUCKS a. s. Kopřivnice. Pistons from ALMET, a. s. also attracted clients from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe.

ALMET, a. s. is a financially strong and profitable company, it is a member of the PROSPERiTA holding, a. s. group. ALMET, a. s. investment group, they’re not burdened with a bank loan and pays all their liabilities when due. ALMET, a. s. also sponsors motor sport and also financially sponsors the Sports Club, and the Children and Youth Club in Hradec Králové.

ALMET, a. s. is a long-term contributor involved in the operation of a facility for disabled children in Hradec Králové.

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