ALMET Aluminium pistons are manufactured professionally and with the highest quality. Aluminium piston is just one of the pistons offered, which is produced by ALMET. For quality inspection of the aluminium pistons they use modern inspection devices which include e. g. X-ray television chain, ultrasonic devices, spectrometer and automatic measurement lines for final inspection. However the quality is also tested without equipment, mainly by the satisfaction of ALMET customers.
ALMET aluminium pistons are in the interests of the Czech Republic, as well as throughout Europe, both Eastern and Western. ALMET also boasts with its exports to the USA.
Modern technologies and methods, robotic devices, automatic lines, CNC machines, developmental technology, experience of professional staff, all that working together means that ALMET aluminium pistons are ranked as the highest quality pistons and ALMET develops better and better pistons so as to improve their parameters e.g. in terms of performance, fuel and oil consumption or durability and reliability.

Production of castings of pistons including heat treatment is situated in own foundry of ALMET. Subsequently, the castings are tested to verify their quality. Design and manufacture of molds is provided by our technical department.

Quality management in ALMET meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

ALMET in its development in the production of aluminium pistons doesn’t forget the issue of emissions and also try to improve their parameters. It’s not only the issue of emissions in which ALMET is involved regarding environmental protection. Together with an accredited company it monitors and measures the wastewater and emission performance. Production of aluminium pistons is progressed professionally, with respect to the surrounding environment.

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