The quality management system in ALMET, a.s. meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the company is a long-term holder of this certificate. The entire production process is carefully monitored and the quality of our products verified after every stage of the production. The quality of our products is confirmed by our long-term satisfied customers.


The ALMET a.s. company meets all requirements arising from the legislation regarding environmental protection. The company constantly monitors and evaluates the level of emissions and wastewater discharged. Since 2005, the company is involved in the EKO – KOM system to ensure safe disposal of packaging materials.

The ALMET a.s. company is a member of the PROSPERiTA holding, a. s. group. It is a financially stable and profitable company and it pays its obligations in time. It is not currently burdened with any bank loan.

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