Manufacturer of pistons for engines and compressors? That is ALMET a.s., which is a certified manufacturer of engine and compressor pistons in the Czech Republic, and also in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the USA. High quality production of engine pistons is also proved by the eighty-years of tradition on the market by the company.

At the same time, ALMET a.s. is a manufacturer of pistons, which uses modern technologies, especially in the casting of pistons in their own foundry using modern and proven methods in combination with robotic machines with semi or fully automated lines

ALMET is a manufacturer that can also boast with regard to sports events with their pistons, especially in the performance of the winning vehicle of KAMAZ in Dakar Rally 2013.

ALMET still focus on the ways to improve the parameters on the pistons which they produce, especially in terms of performance, fuel consumption and oil, or on ways to achieve the least possible emissions and longest service life and reliability.

Manufacturers of pistons there are competitors in other countries and therefore ALMET keeps pace with modern times and manages to retain their place on the market as a reliable manufacturer. ALMET includes the manufacture of pistons for motorcycles, passenger cars, as well as tractors, trucks, small aircraft, stationary engines, ships, locomotives and compressors.
Quality management in ALMET meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

ALMET is a piston manufacturer, that doesn’t overlook the situation of its surrounding environment. It monitors and measures the emissions and wastewater in co-operation with an accredited company and is in compliance with all obligations stemming from the laws to protect the environment.

Manufacturing of pistons ALMET also sponsors sports activities and contributes towards the operation of facilities for disabled children.

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