Piston manufacturing companies always focus on the development of new technologies, techniques, manufacturing processes and advanced equipment. Like other piston manufacturing companies, ALMET also doesn’t lag with its development and thanks to the co-operation of their own engineering and technological developmental department with Ústav pro výzkum motorových vozidel s.r.o. (Institute for Research on Motor Vehicles) in Prague and the Technical University in Liberec, ALMET remains modern, reliable and a high quality company in the market. It ensures the performance improvement of its manufactured pistons in terms of performance, fuel and oil combustion as well as in durability, reliability and emissions.

The ALMET piston manufacturing company primarily manufactures pistons for engines and compressors. However, it also offers different types of pistons. They offer pistons for passenger cars engines, trucks, locomotives, tractors and small tractors, ships, stationary engines, small aircraft engines and compressors etc..

As well as possibly some other piston manufacturing companies ALMET also use semi and fully automated production lines, CNC machines mainly for the machining of pistons and robotic casting devices. ALMET is therefore professionally equipped and this also contributes to the quality of the pistons. Quality management meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Piston manufacturing companies sponsor various foundations. ALMET sponsors sports activities, including the Dakar Rally, or Sports Club, Children and Youth Club in Hradec Králové. They also contribute to the operation of a facility for disabled children.

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